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Mar 08

Can FOSSELs Fuel Sustainability?

With the economy in its current state, money -or the lack thereof- is a constant concern. The world of Higher Education is not immune to this problem, sadly. How do we create a model that’s sustainable and still provides the tools and education for the next generation of students to become part of the global …

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Mar 07

Technology in the Graduate Classroom

Much of the conversation on the utilization of technology in the classroom revolves around undergraduate classes, but in this Talk session, I’d like to discuss whether graduate students can or should likewise be asked to use Twitter, ebooks, blogs, Premiere, etc. in their seminars. Should graduate students create posters about Derrida, for instance, or digital …

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Mar 06

Session Proposal – The Value of Discourse Game

Materialist theories in the area of Composition in the last 10-12 years have reveled that much of the way we talk about what happens in our classrooms controls how we act toward our students, how they respond, and what the public sphere thinks about the work we do in classrooms. Linda Adler-Kassner argues in her …

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Mar 05

Working with digital archives in the classroom

Archives have gone digital. From the Modernist Journals Project to bloggers with a knack for collecting rare books, the archive itself no longer has a stable relationship to space, place, or institution. I propose a discussion about successful integration of online digital archives in the everyday classroom. What do digital documents do that the traditional …

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Mar 05

Session Proposal: Digital Publishing and course work

I’m proposing a Talk  about how digital publishing, blogging, creating ebooks, and research guides can be incorporated into undergraduate course work as assignments. Specifically, how publishing projects work pedagogically and practically. I’ll be discussing how this type of activity is promotes engaged learning. I’ve recently work with several groups/classes on ebook and digital publishing assignments. Some have worked great …

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Mar 04

Session Proposal

Teaching “Academic” Writing in the 21st Century: a collaborative talking group in which we identify (and perhaps begin to articulate solutions for) the challenges of teaching academic writing in the digital age. Some framing questions might be: What constitutes “academic” writing today? What (and who) determines if a non-peer-reviewed source is “scholarly”? How do we make …

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