Mar 09

Restricted Publishing: What Is It Good For?

I would like to examine, discuss, and debate the benefits of continuing to publish academic work behind pay walls, logins, or other restrictions. I understand that there are some — I just want to take the rhetorical position that there aren’t and see what happens. Some possible directions for the discussion are: institutional benefits, liabilities, issues of promotion and tenure, peer review processes, etc. ┬áLink to open Google Document notes here.

Some articles for context:
Giving It Away for Free: Sharing and the Future of Scholarly Communication | Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Publishing Outside the Academy | Audrey Watters
Is Open Access a Business or a Moral Issue? A Conversation with Penn State UP | Adeline Koh

Starter examples, please add more:
Hack Education
Journal of Digital Humanities
Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy
Hybrid Pedagogy: A Journal of Teaching and Technology

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